The New Normal

The coronavirus has changed the way we all do business. Is this the “new normal” or will we return to the days of handshakes, sold out sporting events and enjoying our favorite dish at a neighborhood restaurant?

We are in uncharted territory. But, one thing is certain. No matter what business you are in, you will need to communicate your new “normal” to clients and customers. During this time of social distancing and working from home, we’ve stayed close to our clients:

  • We designed new billboards for Capitol Market and helped them communicate new regulations for their outdoor market;
  • We’re coordinating very popular Facebook Live events for Dr. Ron Stollings, a candidate for Governor, who has been providing coronavirus information to thousands of people throughout the state; and
  • We transitioned a very popular 5k race from a physical event to a virtual race that still raised more than $50,000.

Let’s get you back to “normal.”


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