Our team utilizes top-of-the-line software for media advertising planning, placement, and tracking nationwide.

Public Relations

Our team provides expert services, including media training, crisis communication plans, event organizing, and more.


Our team believes that in order to have a successful advertising, PR, or marketing campaign, a solid strategy is crucial in ensuring that all objectives are achieved.


Once the strategic planning process is complete and everyone has agreed on key aspects of the campaign, such as the goals, target audience, key messaging, tactics, etc., the creative team begins its work. TMG’s creative team has worked on projects of all sizes producing creative elements from traditional television and radio spots to social media content and ad placements on everything from billboards to grocery carts, promo items and everything in between.

Political Affairs

Calling the Capital City home has its advantages. You won’t find another agency with a better track record for delivering wins.

Web Development

Let us connect the dots. Our team builds innovative sites pairing creativity and content for an effective, flawless experience.

Social + Content

New media, no problem. We engage brands with consumers creating meaningful relationships and measurable results.

Event Planning

It’s all in the details. We’re experts in planning and managing events of all sizes and scope, never losing sight of your goals.

Motion Graphics

We’re skilled in creating moving content and capturing an audience with animation, audio, and visual effects for various media, such as television, internet, and film.

On Target

No one knows your organization better than you. Our expertise relies on your expertise to be effective. That’s why our On Target process brings together key members of your organization with our strategic planning team to map a plan for success. Each of the five-steps of On Target involves an open discussion and information sharing that results in the development of agreed-upon goals, objectives and tactics that we use as the framework for your strategic plan.

Learn more about our five-step On Target process and request an On Target session for your organization below.