Ain’t No Party Like an Eclipse Party

Special glasses? Check. Moon Pies? Check. Playlist? Check.

The TMG team is on course to host a solar eclipse party that is sure to be out of this world (see what we did there?). Although we’ll only be catching the partial eclipse here in West Virginia, it’s still an event we didn’t want to miss.

Our viewing party kicks off around 12:30 with sweets like Starbursts, Sunkist and Milky Ways – that’s right, we’re leaving no galaxy-related treat unturned. We’ll then head to the roof of the Pies & Pints Building, equipped with our special glasses for viewing (maximum eclipse is expected around 2:30). To check more precise times in your area, visit this website and enter your zip code.

And of course, our eclipse party wouldn’t be complete without some lunar tunes to accompany us. Check out our playlist below!

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