Project Overview

After an overwhelming defeat in November 2013, the Kanawha County Library Levy Committee hired TMG in August 2014 to manage the group’s efforts to increase taxes which would support the county’s library system.

We brought together key library and campaign officials to develop a strategy to engage residents in a discussion of why they loved their library before asking them to approve a tax increase. After conducting secondary research, we defined the primary target audiences as mothers and minority populations while seniors made up the secondary target audience.

TMG created all elements of the marketing campaign including logo, yard signs, rack cards, billboards, social media assets and a website. At the campaign’s kick-off, the agency asked supporters to tell their story through video and photos, asking them to finish the sentence, “I Love My Library because …” and posting them to social media.

The “Loving My Library” campaign was a huge success. In a complete turn-around from its defeat a year prior, the library levy passed by a 65-35% margin.

Kanawha County Public Libraries

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